Project 1: Storyharvest
Decentralized design and tactics

Project description
Contemporary design can act as a critical, as opposed to service, practice. When the profession takes on more social responsibility and the development of independent vision, designers can work with the public to demand more from industry than what is currently offered. Designers working with decentralized design situations must employ emerging tactics to address these new ideas and situations. For this project, we have been asked to propose a means to communicate the value of food security in North Troy to it’s residents. We’ll use data collected by Prof. Abby Kinchy’s “Food, Farm, Famine” students, along with any other relevant information we identify, to communicate a facet of this information to attendees of the StoryHarvest event on Oct 20 at the Sanctuary for Independent Media.

About StoryHarvest
StoryHarvest is an annual celebration of art and food, conceived by Ellie Markovitch, a multimedia storyteller. Theatre has a long tradition of addressing issues of current events and central to society itself, encouraging consciousness and social change.  The post-war and contemporary movements of alternative and community theatre create an ideological platform for audience input that can culminate in cultural intervention and community action.  StoryHarvest explores topics around food and food issues by engaging the hyperlocal in creative exploration: the community and attendees participate in the investigation. This year, Bread and Puppet Theater will conduct a workshop guiding participants in making cantastoria, signs and iconography, which will culminate in a parade through North Troy to Freedom Square.

Project goal
Design a way for attendees and participants at the StoryHarvest event to learn more about factors relating to their food availability and security. The event will include The overall tone should be positive: let attendees learn more and encourage them to participate and/or act on what they’ve learned.

Project Guidelines
Material guidelines will be determined by the group’s proposal. Write a 150 word design brief that includes the following:

  • Restate the given problem
  • Talk about how your design addresses the problem
  • Describe your designed solution (materials, process, timeline, deliverables)
  • What are the measures of success?
  • Include any sketches, images or prototypes that will help us understand the nature of this project

Potential topics include Food Security, Community Food Assessment measures, Food deserts,

Important Dates to Remember

Proposal due date: Oct 11
In-class review of project proposals: Oct 11
Work in progress critique: Oct 15
StoryHarvest event: Sat, Oct 20

On Food
National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on food

Center for Disease Control look inside Food Deserts

USDA Economic Research Service Community Food Security Assessment Toolkit

Design examples

PeopleProducts123 from the AntiAdvertisingAgency

WikiBivouac a data aggregator of resources in urban areas

Dale Sko Hack, a hactivist design workshop and project developing new interfaces between designers and the people who manufacture goods in factories

inundacion! a game exploring the role of urban architecture in a natural disaster

Urban Tactics’ Ecobox, a toolkit designed to foster dialogue in urban criticism and creativity

Project 2: Making Policy Public (Veggie Mobile)

Project description
The understanding and discussion of public policy is often not as widespread as its effects. This project, based on the Center for Urban Pedagogy’s “Making Policy Public” program, asked students to use innovative design to make information on policy truly public: in this case, the guidelines of the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program to patrons of the Capital District Community Garden’s Veggie Mobile.  Our goal is to create a positive impact by breaking down complex issues that would benefit from clear visual explanations.

Project goal
Propose, develop and create a concept design and presentation for the Veggie Mobile. We will talk to someone from the Veggie Mobile staff, as well as visit the truck on-site to help us understand the context, constituents and challenges we may face.

Project guidelines

  • Proposal of 150 words stating why your design makes the most sense to explain this information, how you will develop and implement your ideas, and what format it will take.
  • Concept design of your solution to explaining this policy
  • Proposal showing any research and arguments that help the client understand why you propose this solution, the concept design and any foreseable outcomes. Veggie Moblie staff will be present for the critique of this design.

Project due date
Mon, Nov 19

Final presentation specifications VISLITFA12_Project 2_final_specs

Project resources

Notes on problem identification and research planning post-Veggie Mobile visit are here: ideation for VM 100112

A list of what the Veggie Mobile staff have identified as needed by them is here: Veggie Mobile wish list of signs

Here is the link to the Google Doc for questions to send to the Veggie Mobile staff

Form for reformulating the design brief: Reformulated_design_brief_form

Truck measurements

Location                            Size (WxH)(in)

Door                                   31.75 x 75.75

Fridges                               46.75 x 24.25

Wall Above Fridge           71 x 44

Wall Above Pro.Boxes     139 x 17

Produce Box                      18.75 x 3.75

Wall Above Door              55 x 24

Wall Behind Cab               56 x 8.5

Wall next to Monitor        28.75 x 24.75

Truck images

Produce crates

Map & existing signage

Produce crates & shelving

produce crates & shelving

Research presentation groups


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