Week 1

Mon, Aug 27: Course introduction, syllabus review
Thurs, Aug 30: Reading due: Do Good Design by David Berman; Design and Designing: A Critical Introduction ed. Steve Garner and Chris Evans, pt 1 (pg 3-64).

Week 2

Mon, Sept 3: Labor Day, class does not meet.
Thurs, Sept 6: Presentation projects due and presented in class on Berman reading. Introduction to next assignment: Mapping Lunch.

Week 3

Mon, Sept 10: Finish presentations; assignment due: Mapping Lunch
Thurs, Sept 13: Reading due: Dondis, Ch 1-3 (pg 1-66) and in-class exercises (see weekly assignments page for details); second half of review of Mapping Lunch assignment.

Week 4

Mon, Sept 17: Weekly assignments on Dondis reading from last class due; we’ll take a look at your results in class. Lecture/in-class project: Character, content, syntax
Thurs, Sept 20: Veggie Mobile site visit: Kennedy Towers (group 1) In-class assignment: Elements of composition (due at the end of class.)

Week 5

Mon, Sept 24: Lecture/in-class project: Visual Communications strategies
Thurs, Sept 27: Veggie Mobile site visit: Kennedy Towers (group 2) Visit from Veggie Mobile for Project 1/2. In-class assignment (see Weekly Assignments page under “Sept 27”)

Week 6

Mon, Oct 1: Lecture/in-class assignment:
Thurs, Oct 4: Research and ideation exercise for Project 1 (see Projects page for details and form)
Other half of class visits Veggie Mobile site at Kennedy Towers during second half of class.

Week 7

Tues, Oct 9: Lecture/discussion: Design for Social issues and engagement; introduction to StoryHarvest project
Thurs, Oct 11: Research presentations for Veggie Mobile due in class; StoryHarvest project proposals due (see Projects page for more details)

Week 8

Mon, Oct 15: StoryHarvest project: Work in progress critique
Thurs, Oct 18: StoryHarvest project

Sat, Oct 20: StoryHarvest event at the Sanctuary for Independent Media, North Troy

Week 9

Mon, Oct 22: StoryHarvest in-class review of projects presented
Thurs, Oct 25: Veggie mobile research presentations; Lecture/discussion: Designing for People (see related reading on weekly assignments page.)

Week 10

Mon, Oct 29: Lecture/discussion: Designing for emotion (see related reading on weekly assignments page); Designing for People Pt 2
Thurs, Nov 1: Lecture/discussion: Sustainable Design and Designing Pt 1

Week 11

Mon, Nov 5: Lecture/discussion: Sustainable Design and Designing Pt 2
Thurs, Nov 8: Manuel Lima Imagethink workshop at EMPAC, in Studio Beta (Manuel Lima will give a talk at EMPAC on Weds, Nov 7 at 6pm)

Week 12

Mon, Nov 12: Lecture/discussion: TBD
Thurs, Nov 15: Case study analysis and proposed tactic for final project

Week 13

Mon, Nov 19: Screening: Food, Inc.
Thurs, Nov 22: Class does not meet. Happy Thanksgiving!

Week 14

Mon, Nov 26: Open studio; work-in-progress critique
Thurs, Nov 29: Open studio; work-in-progress critique

Week 15

Mon, Dec 3: Final project in-class presentation and critique
Thurs, Dec 6: Final project in-class presentation and critique


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